The company


Importaco is a family company with nearly 80 years of history which has carried out its activity in the food, beverage and energy industries.

For three generations, our commitment to survival, work and excellence has enabled us to evolve and innovate while maintaining our founding spirit at the same time.

We began in 1940 and, since then, we have become the leaders in manufacturing, producing and distributing nuts, dried fruits, snacks and similar products. We were the pioneers in using nut shelling and cleaning machines in the 1950s and in importing nuts from around the world in the 1960s to palliate poor harvests and provide a better product. Since 2005, we have also been in the beverage industry.

In these nearly 80 years, we have adapted to the market, the industry and our customers and consumers, as evidenced by our ever-growing range of products and services.

Importaco are present throughout the world and the company’s headquarters are in Valencia (Spain), the sunshine city, on the Mediterranean coast. At present, we have 12 production centres, 10 work centres and 9 sales offices.

Safety and quality


Our objective is to achieve a healthy and balanced diet through the optimal quality of our products, which we supervise from source.

To do this, we have a comprehensive quality system that includes our food quality and safety criteria throughout all the processes in our value chain, from collecting the raw materials to transporting them to the points of sale, while complying with the international safety standards.

Specifically, we work with the IFS (International Food Standard) and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. We also include the Food Defense measures to ensure the safety of our products.

We carry this out by innovating incessantly, which enables us to improve our processes and present new products.

And we do all of this by ensuring that the resources are used in a responsible and efficient way, in line with our environmental commitment, since Importaco is aware of the importance of preserving our natural resources and not leaving an environmental footprint in our processes. This is the basis for our environmental management system which, under the ISO 14001 standard, certifies our effort to preserving our planet.

All of these commitments to quality, safety and responsibility are shared by all our employees in countries such as Spain, the United States, China, Argentina, Turkey and Poland. In the places where we operate, we undertake to collaborate with the area’s development and prosperity, making social investments in health, nutrition, sports, professional development, etc.