Did you know that the scientific name for hazelnuts is avellana, which owes its name to the Italian town of Avella, in the Avellino county?

They become popular there despite originating from Ponto, the region bordering the Black Sea in ancient times (and that’s now in Turkey).

They were already eaten in Neolithic times in Mesopotamia, and nowadays we find them in numerous desserts and recipes.

They have a great many characteristics, from the ease of conserving them to their high contribution of proteins.

Today, we’re going to highlight their anti-inflammatory properties.

To start with, they have a large amount of vegetable fats, which are healthier and, unlike other lipids such as animal fats, do not cause inflammation. In fact, not only do they prevent inflammation, they can also be used to cure the symptoms once they appear. This is so much the case that in ancient times, they prescribed hazelnuts for poisonous stings because of the effect they had on the swelling caused by the toxins, and also for coughs, which often occur because of a throat inflammation.

They also help prevent sports injuries. This is not just because their proteins help improve muscle tissue, but also because their being rich in energy helps us withstand exertion, so don’t forget to keep some of our Natural Hazelnuts on you to improve your results.

And those are just some of their properties. Because we don’t even need to tell you how good they are with chocolate as you’ll have tried them for yourselves in spread or in our Sybarites Hazelnuts Chocolate.

Another day we’ll tell you about some of the other characteristics of this energy-rich nut… there are loads!

Eating well depends only on you!